Special Initiatives

Our goal: $200 million to fund special initiatives

How You Can Help: UMB is an indispensable resource to our community, city, state, region, nation, and the world at large. Odds are that you, a family member, or friend have relied on the health, legal, and social expertise of UMB at one time or another. Each special project builds on the strength of UMB's intellectual, physical, and financial infrastructure, while advancing discoveries that lead to new treatments, improved health, and stronger communities. With your gift, we can support and sustain these special projects and more.

Learn more about our special initiatives below.

Additional initiatives at UMB:

  • University of Maryland Center to Advance Chronic Pain Research
  • University of Maryland Center for Addiction Research, Education, and Service
  • Critical Disease Research and Care
  • Intellectual Property Entrepreneurial Clinic
  • University of Maryland, College Park and University of Maryland, Baltimore Cole Field House/Human Performance Project

For more information on the special initiatives shown above please contact John Palinski in the Office of Philanthropy at jpalinski@umaryland.edu or 410.706.0183



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